Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ugh... and January/February

Well know I remember why I took such a long break from blogging - my dang computer (who I have officially re-named Voldemort).  It refuses to download pictures and I think I just might die of frustration!!  SO I suppose I shall have to just do boring updates minus pictures and add them later when I can get Voldemort up and running again.

January and February were really really uneventful in the Forbis home.  We did some bike riding, some afro-growing (Jack) and a lot of sick days.  I mean A LOT of sick days.  Like the whole two months.  But now that it is all behind us I can laugh (kind of) it off and enjoy our freedom. 

MARCH however has been quite eventful for us!  Busy making up for all those sick days!  So we'll dive into that next time - hopefully with some pictures.  Come on you blasted Voldemort.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

RECAP: December

Did I really take a three month break?!?!?!  Yup, sure did.  Let's start where we left off and work our way back to our current events.  Here's what we've missed:

Christmas Tree Decorating

The kids learning that most nutcrackers don't really crack nuts... without breaking their jaw off that is...
Many tears were shed.

Having a Zoo trip and watching Grandma Bluth go down the Polar Ice slide - highlight!!

Cookies and Hot Cocoa

Snow Day at Power Ranch!

Paige's Music/Dance class recital.
She wasn't even nervous and made it through the whole thing perfectly!  What a champ!!

Drove 15 hours to Logan, Utah to spend out Christmas vacation with the Forbis Family.
Paige barfed 12 times, Jack screamed 5 hours straight,  Calvin threw tantrums like it was his job, and we parents vowed never to make that drive again...

HOWEVER, the stay was fun-filled as always!

This was the most successful "Christmas Eve Jammies" photo I could scrape together with 3 exhausted little ones.

Christmas Day!

Taking an eventful train ride to Salt Lake City.

Dressing up the kids in snow clothes even though there was NO SNOW!! 
Talk about a bummer!  But we still found some fun.

Getting to visit Kelsey, one of my buddies from college, and her cute kiddos!
I was trying to set Calvin up with her Hallie but he was less than cooperative, hmph.

Playing with the chickens on Grandma's "farm"!!

And of course the drive home, which pretty much sealed the deal of us swearing off long car trips for a while.  Happy December!  

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dear Justin,

Today is my oldest brother Justin's 38th birthday.  I can't believe that it will be 4 years this coming May since he passed away.  This whole month my family has been emailing our fondest memories of him back and forth to each other in honor of his birthday and it has been so nice to talk about him and remember how big a part of our lives he was.  Man, that boy was sure something special!  I just wanted to put the memories I shared below to have record of them... 

I remember Justin babysitting us. A lot. It was in one of these instances where the infamous whip cream story came in to play... I just remember running around the house with Chelsea (being obnoxious little sisters I'm sure) and the next thing I knew, Ryan and Justin had her pinned on the kitchen floor, mouth being forced open wide, and whipped cream being sprayed directly into her mouth while she screamed all the while. I of course was screaming too... all I could remember saying/thinking was "NOOOO, NOT WHIPPED CREAM!!!! She hates whipped cream!!!! Why would somebody do that?!?!?!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" They of course were laughing hysterically, and I just remember hiding in mom and dad's bathroom sobbing hysterically... typical Justin style, typical Amy style.

Even though he was stuck with us a lot as the oldest, I never ever remember feeling like a nuisance to him. I remember after we got the brand new 4x4 Chevy truck... he loaded up all of us girls in the back and took us to get ice cream cones at McDonald's. He wasn't annoyed, just happy to take his little sisters out. Screaming in the back of the truck with Justin at the wheel with drippy vanilla cones. That was such a great little moment that has stuck with me.

I also remember that he LOVED Meagan when she was little. They were buddies. Not in a jealous way, just an endearing way. He would always call her his Goobey and he would even buy the super gross raisin candy every now and then just because they were called "Goobers". I always thought that was such a loving brotherly thing to do.

I remember when he and was it one of the Petersen twins??? went on that trip to DC in high school for being great at something... and a photographer from the newspaper came over. They posed on the living room couch, Justin had his big fat cast on his arm (which had tons of signatures because he was so cool), and he had the biggest smile on his face EVER.

I remember the awkward hugs goodbye for college and his mission. And eating chicken feet soup with him in Toronto when we picked him up. I thought, "This is so beyond disgusting, but if Justin says it's good, and if he's doing it, then it must be cool enough to suffer though". And it was.

I loved it when he spoke Mandarin Chinese. It was so amazing. However, the crazy/strange foreigners that he brought home with him occasionally... not as amazing. Remember Mung??? She had the crazy toes, shared the room with me and Chelsea, and slept in my bed... naked. I was so scarred by that. And his funny Chinese friend, Scott maybe??? I remember Justin brought him with us skiing one time and us girls (minus Bee of course) got to go with them for a little bit. I think it was his first time or something because he was terrible! And we took him on a secret path with jumps that he didn't know about and we just laughed with Justin while we watched him eat it time after time... it's really not so classy now that I look back, but it was sure hilarious at the time and I loved laughing with Justin whenever possible. He for sure had the best laugh ever.

I feel like Justin was great at EVERYTHING. Piano - master. Computers - genius. Girls - lady killer. Pranks - always. Style - ultimate. Snowboarding - slayed it. But you never knew unless you just stumbled upon him being great at something because he would never brag about it, it was just that way. And if he wasn't good, he either obsessively did it until he was perfect at it or just didn't do it. Flawless method if you ask me.

This is embarrassing but I must share: I remember him walking in on me at home the night I got my first kiss. He TOTALLY saw it (how gross, and awkward for him... and me...).  I was MORTIFIED!!!!  He walked into the other room and I ran after him, so sure I was about to get the smack down of my lifetime. I was like, "Justin, it's not what you think (really?) and ummm, I...." and when he turned around he was bright red from stifling his laughter from us and when he saw me he just burst out with the loudest guffaw EVER. He teased me relentlessly and poked me in the stomach a few times and then went merrily on his way. I don't think I ever thanked him for that...

I remember when he and Nicole brought Celyn home from the hospital and stopped by the house on the way to show Grandma Watkins her first grand baby since she was too sick to go out. It was such a sweet tender moment when he handed him to her and I remember being so proud of him as a new father. He was such a good daddy to his boys and I always admired him for that.

It wasn't until Pete and I moved back here to AZ that I feel like I really got to be good friends with Justin. As the only two siblings with kids I felt like we had a special bond. Doing bathtimes together, letting us share babysitters (how annoying, thank you a million times over to you both), talking about how nobody else understands what it's really like, what to do when your kid breaks things at Mom and Dad's house... it was so much fun to get to know him as a person rather than just a big brother. I TREASURE that time with him.

Such a goofball, such a big laugher, such a nerd, and everything else. I can't help but ache with how much I miss him. I guess that's why it's easier just not to talk about how wonderful he was. The more I think about him the more I can't help but feel like I took the time I had with him for granted. So lucky to have him in my life, and so looking forward to when we get to be together again.

Happy Birthday Big Brother.  I miss you like crazy and love you even more.  'Till we meet again.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Already?!?!?

Oh mercy, I have so much catching up to do!  But frankly, I am too tired and lazy to approach that right now and instead of putting my blogging off for yet another day, I will start from now and do catch up when I am feeling up to it.  There I feel better.


Had early morning giggle time with Jack:  +9                   

It rained:  +4

Was 20 minutes late picking up Paige from school:  -10

Caught Calvin spraying Tigger with hair de-tangler and brushing him out equal to a full service spa:  +6

Bursted out on how I wanted to do something productive around the house OTHER than housework: -3

Put up Christmas lights (direct result of previous event):  +6

Showered AND did my hair in under 30 minutes:  + 5

Kids had applesauce and PBJ's for dinner:  -1

Went to great Relief Society Christmas Evening:  +8

Put kids to bed with a smile instead of complete exhaustion:  +10

Blogged... finally:  +2

FINAL SCORE: 36/50, about 72%

Which is really a shame, because here I was thinking that it was really rather great day!  But being late to pick up Paige really set me back... that was not a fine moment in my motherhood... tsk tsk Amy...

Next time I'll be first in the pick up line and wipe the floor with my awesome mommy-ness!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Before the Paraaaaaaade Passes By....

If you don't know what that song is from, call me, we need to chat.

This past weekend was also Gilbert Days - the annual Town of Gilbert celebration!  I remember going every single year growing up and it was always something we looked forward to.  Waking up early, finding our traditional spot in front of Circle K to watch the parade, and just LOVING every part of it. 

This year we could finally take our kids!  We had such a great time and they loved it.  There wasn't as many cool floats as I remember, mainly just advertising... but it was just fun to be at a parade again!  They even had some old-school planes fly over it which was just so neat! (and yes, the whole thing made me tear up.  I really couldn't get a hold of myself this weekend)

I remember this bull from when we used to go - stay strong!

All the high schools had their bands playing.  I of course had to take a picture of my Alma Mater, Highland High.  And I have to say, they were BY FAR the best band out there - and that's not just my Hawk pride soarin'.  You did me proud youngin's.

Okay, this was the cutest.  They had a senior women's pom-pom team!  They were ADORABLE!!  For reals, and they were struttin' there stuff like there was no tomorrow!!  Oh, umm, bad choice of words...
Live long and prosper ladies!

Our kids got their fair share of free tossed out candy and made the most of it. 
Well played you three.

We'll see you next year Gilbert Days!

Windmill Lighting!

I have to say, I love living in Power Ranch.  It is such a great spot and always has something very "community-unity-ish" going on - which is so fun!  This past Friday we had our 11th Windmill Lighting Extravaganza!  Well, our first, but Power Ranch's 11th.  Anyways... it was so super cute! 

We walked over to the windmill in our wintery clothes (however, shorts and a tee would have been totally fine weather-wise, but I just felt like we should at least dress the part of a fall activity) where we all gathered with some cute girl scouts to lead us in a few Christmas carols.  Then they chose a kids from the crowd to come up, we all counted down together, and then he flipped the switch to light the windmill!!  It was so adorable!  I of course started tearing up - I tear up at EVERYTHING when I'm prego.  But it was seriously super sweet.  Tears were completely appropriate.

Then we all walked on the candle-lit sidewalk to the community barn where they had hot chocolate and cookies for everyone!  It was so great!!!  The kiddos had such a blast and it was the perfect kick-off (be it premature) to the holiday season!!  Well done Power Ranch!

Disclaimer for the next few years: Paige has decided to start dressing/accessorizing herself these days.  I have GOT to be more careful with the clearance rack...

Friday, November 18, 2011


Well it's been 16 uneventful days since I've last posted.  My apologies.  But seriously, very uneventful.  Mainly just a whole bunch of morning sickness, and then once that was gone, a whole bunch of cold sickness floating around our house.  Sooooo, it's been a drag around the Forbis house.  But things are starting to look on the up and up!  HOORAY!!! 

Two main things have passed our time of quarantine:

Counting down the SECONDS until Daddy gets home (that's mainly me counting)

Watching Jack love Tigger...

And watching Jack torture Tigger. 
Within means of course

All I know is that I am sick of us being SICK and am ready to be out and about again!  Especially since the weather is amazing right now!!!  And cause family is coming into town soon too!  Too many things to be held back any longer... please health, come rescue us cause the Holidays are upon us!!

ps - I did see the new Twilight movie last night and I have to say, it was far better than the rest of them, hands down!  It even made ME excited for the last one (and that's saying a lot, cause I am not a big movie buff whatsoever). 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby, OH!

My sister Chelsea and her cute little family welcomed their newest addition a few days ago:  Baby Bud!  We are so happy to have a new cousin - even if it is yet another boy:)
Congrats Chel and Shane!!

And speaking of babies... yup, I'm pregnant alright. 
Here comes baby "Four"bis!
Are we feeling a little crazy??? Yes.
But are we super excited to meet another little family member of ours??? 

Let the countdown 'til May begin!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This is about as good as a group picture comes these days...

We had Dorothy in our midst,

and Captain Calvin with his Parrot, "Cracker",

and Sheriff Jack rounded them off.

They had a grand ol' time I'd say.  Captain Calvin was done after about 10 minutes and had much more fun passing out candy with me, Dorothy soaked up every second of the night, and Sheriff Jack attempted escape from his wagon most of the night, and succeeded in candy thieving the rest. 
Good times had by all!

The night before we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Bluth's for some "pre trick-or-treating".
They loved getting their little Halloween buckets!!  And I am all for getting all the use we can out of costumes:)  Thanks for the fun night Grandma and Grandpa!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


On our last full day we went to yet another one of my favorite spots in Logan - The American West Heritage Center.  I love this place!  So pretty, so fun, and it just kind of makes me wish I lived in the olden days...  It was a perfect Fall activity!  It had everything!  Including:

corn mazes

wagon rides

a kids candy cannon race

giant slides

and not so giant slides

gourd launching

pony rides

animal petting

and just cool historic stuff everywhere!

It was the perfect ending to a great week!  Thanks again Forbis Family for hosting our crazy troop all week!  We owe our great times to you!  xoxo